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2011   We have started the year with a very loud Black / white colt.  Out of a Tennessee Walker mare.  We were pleasantly surprised with a loud chestnut / white filly . Then 2 colts born on the same day! They look like twins!  Then a loss for our farm when the fillies mom past during a violent  storm. Next we had an awesome colt born from our beloved Peaches. All foals are growing well .

2010  What an exciting year!! We had 5 foals born at Lakewood Farm. 2  colts /3 fillies this year.  Our first filly was born on January 16th, followed by 2 fillies and 1 colt in April. Then our surprised colt born May 1st out of Ana's mare Ebony.

2009 We were blessed with 2 lovely colts this year. One full Arab by our beloved Ahshah and Misty who is now deceased. We also had a lovely 7/8 Pinto by our Warrior. Be sure to check these kids out!! 

2008 Talk about surprises! We woke up one Sunday morning to a new lovely bay filly,(2 wks early), the following week another (3 wks early).  We had our last Bandit  baby a lovely filly born right on her due date. Then disaster came,  we suffered 3 loss with in 1 week < 2 still born and a older mare>. We were worried about our last arrivals and took extra watch over them. We later found it was the hay we had delivered from out west. With much sorrow God blessed us with a surprise of a black appy colt from a mare that came in. Next we had a full Arab colt  and then YES another surprise filly from a mare check "not in foal" and lastly a lovely Anglo colt from my beloved Ahshah. . Wow 7 foals < 5 Arab cross / 1 full Arab & appy / paint cross>. A very emotional year but many blessing!!

2007 We are excited with our 4 arrivals hitting the ground , Looking forward to seeing them grow! 

2006 We had 4 foals this year, a APHA paint filly, 2 full Arabians & 1 Half Arabian.

2005 We had 10 of our own and 4 boarders foals this year,  Man what a year!!  We had 2 full Arabians & 2 Half-Arabian ,  3 -3/4 Arabian and  3 Pinto (7/8 Arabian).  This was the year of our 1st Anglo filly & Warrior's 1st foal crop. Boy he sure made us proud!! Our boarder had 4 APHA foals. 

2004 We had  5 foals this year and 1 boarders. 3 full Arabians , 1 Half-Arabian . & 1 -3/4 Arabian

2003 We had  5 foals this year .  2 full Arabians , 1 Half-Arabian & 2 -3/4 Arabians. 

2002 We had  5 foals this year . 1 full Arabian, 1 Half-Arabian & 3 -3/4 Arabians.   

2001  We had  3 foals this year . 3 full Arabians. We foaled out 3 more a mustang and AQHA colt and a pinto.