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Like the sands on the sea shore he's quite and gentle with the true spirit of  the Arabian!
Ahshah is out of the old Egyptian blue list. Ahshah produced big stocky babies.
With a great disposition. Over the years he has became a true friend.

4-11-85 ~ 6-19-12


AAH SHAH is 72 3/16% Egyptian and has 10 lines to the great stallion  *FADL, a versatile athlete who was used as a polo pony by his importer and  who sired 11 producers of National winners from 55 registered get. AAH SHAH  combines Egyptian blood with Crabbet and Davenport lines as well as 3 lines  to the Polish import *SULEJMAN, a National winner sire and sire of National winner producers.. The nick of Egyptian with the Crabbet stallion INDRAFF was a very successful cross and produced a number of National winners including  U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare and National winner producer TASLIYA and  the dam of AL-MARAH CANADIUS++/, U.S. National Champion Formal Combination  and sire of National Champions in halter, english pleasure and park.

   AAH SHAH is one of only 11 get of ASF ELISHAH, a 3/4 brother to  performance champion ASF REUBEN. ASF ELISHAH is by the straight Egyptian  ABGAR, a sire of champions and a full brot
her to ROSE OF EGYPT, dam of U.S.  National Champion Park SERR BRUK. ABGAR is by FA-SERR, sire of 4 National  winners and10 producers of National winners. His dam FA- ABBA is a full  sister to 3 producers of National winners. ASH ELISHAH is out of RACHEL, a  3/4 sister to Canadian Top Ten Hunter and Jumper ASF BARAK, who is also by  AZZAH out of a FAROUMAN daughter. RACHEL is a paternal sister to the champion   producing mares ASF MILCAH, ASF NEOMA, and ASF RUTH. Her sire, National   winner sire AZZAH, is by FAROUMAN, a maternal brother to AL-MARAH TAI, whose   son AL-MARAH CANADIUS++/ has already been mentioned. AZZAH is out of BEZA, a   3/4 sister to the National winner producers ZAREE and RENA and BETAH. Their   offspring have won titles in hunter, jumper, park, halter and english   pleasure. RACHEL's dam is DARA, also by FAROUMAN. DARA is a maternal sister   to halter and park champion RAFIC and to 1974 Region 16 Champion Stallion EL SAHS(a sire of champions). DARA's dam RUSA is a 1961 U.S. Top Ten Mare. She is a paternal sister to U.S. National Champion Gelding and Top Ten English  Pleasure BAZREB++ and to the National winner producers ZAREE, RENA, and  KLASSIC SHA-LA.

   AAH SHAH is out of BINT AAHDIN. She is a 3/4 sister to 1976 U.S. Top Ten  Hunter ROSE ARABY SATAN and to 1976 Region 15 Champion Stallion and 1979  Region 9 Top Five Stallion LA IFTIKHAR, who sold at auction for $105,000 at the 1977 Cashvan Sale. She is a full sister to 1976 Region 15 Champion  Pleasure Driving and halter champion CASHVAN BARUD and to champion producer  ROSE ARABY WADDIN. BINT AAHDIN is a daughter of 1965 U.S. Top Ten Stallion  AAHDIN++, also an english and western pleasure champion. AAHDIN++ sired U.S.  Top Ten Sidesaddle ROSE ARABY ANGELA and U.S. Top Ten Hunter ROSE ARABY SATAN. AAHDIN++ daughters are noted as fine broodmares. They include ROSE  ARABY JOY (dam of 5 champions), ROSE ARABY FAITH(dam of 2 National winners in  show hack and western pleasure), RED HOLLY EASTER(dam of a National winner in  hunt pleasure) and MEGAHDIN(dam of a national champion in pleasure driving  AOTD who also has multiple top ten wins in english pleasure). AAHDIN++'s son  IBN AAHDIN is the maternal grandsire of U.S. Reserve National Champion  Pleasure Driving CSR GASPARILLA. AAHDIN++ is by AAH ABU, whose sire INDRAFF  sired 10 National winners and 38 producers of National winners. AAHDIN++'s dam DINAH is by *FADL, already mentioned. She is a maternal sister to halter champion FETAFFA, dam of halter and english pleasure champion and National  winner sire AL-MARAH TUFFY and of halter champion AL-MARAH LADY IN RED, dam  of U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure CRIMSON BEAU++ and halter  and western pleasure champion AM SEA CAPTAIN++(sire of 12 National winners  including National Champions in cutting and trail).  BINT AAHDIN is out of WADURRA, also dam of regional champion CASHVAN BARUD and of champion producer ROSE ARABY WADDIN. She is by WAZZAN, who sired  just 5 registered get including BAPPAS, dam of U.S. Top Ten Hunter ROSE ARABY  SATAN. WAZZAN is a paternal brother to National Champion producers HALLANY  MISTANNY (sire of 6 National winners) and ZAREYNA (dam of U.S. Reserve  National Champion Mare ROSE OF RASWAN and U.S. Reserve National Champion  Gelding ASIL ZODIAC+++). WAZZAN is a maternal brother to halter and performance champion AL-MARAH RADAMES, whose 11 National winning get include  1960 U.S. National Champion Stallion RADAMASON++. WADURRA is out of DURROUFA.  She is also the dam of performance champion STONEY, RO HULU AMIRA (dam of  halter champion SUDANNA, herself dam of 3 champions), and DURRADIN, dam of   regional champion LA IFTIKHAR (already mentioned) and halter champion RED ARABY JACOB. DURROUFA is a 50% blood sister to National winner sire DURRAL.  She is by BAAROUF, also sire of U.S. Reserve National Champion Gelding BAARHAN++. BAAROUF get have produced National winners in halter and  performance. DURROUFA's dam *BINT BINT DURRA is the maternal granddame of  National winner sires DURRAL and SORAB.


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